Daddy, Is this iPad Broken? (Baby Handling a Magazine)

Recently I discussed Digital Recluses, Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives (see picture below) in a blog. But what is shown in this video makes a new category necessary. Maybe “Digital Thoroughbreds?”

The author of the video writes: Technology codes our minds, changes our OS. Apple products have done this extensively. The video shows how magazines are now useless and impossible to understand, for digital natives. It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, growing among touch screens and print. And how the latter becomes irrelevant. Medium is message. Humble tribute to Steve Jobs, by the most important person : a baby.

I heard before that toddlers watching too much TV don’t train and thus lose some of their 3-D vision. But what can we say about a baby that wants to point and click, squeeze and zoom real world objects? Do your have children this age? Did you observe similar behavior?

Digital Maturity Scale

Digital Maturity Scale (by the author) -- Do we need to add another category like "Digital Thoroughbreds?"

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Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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