Infographic: The Growth of Social Media

Comapnies and Social Media

Detail from the (large) infograph. Click to see the entire graph.

SearchEngineJournal published a nice infographic on the current growth of Social Media that I would like to share with you.

“Say what you will about the tidal wave that is social media: it’s over-hyped, a fad halfway through its 15 minutes, that <insert social network, platform, app> surely won’t be around in a few years’ time.

“But take a look below at the steep curve of the user growth rate in all age ranges and demographics, and the continuing pervasiveness of social networking into every facet of work, play and life in general. It’s hard to argue that social media hasn’t changed forever how we interact and connect online. See for yourself: (click image to enlarge)” (Quote from SearchEngineJournal)

You can find some other nice examples of infographics further down in this blog. Which is your favorite infographic out there?

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Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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