The Six Best Free Facebook Apps For Businesses

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Tweeting means business--not only for birds (Image by Steve-h via Flickr)

Jesse Stanchak published a blog on The 6 best free Facebook apps for businesses.

He mentions some of the better free applications out there. Quoted from the posting:

“Note — I’ve purposely left out custom development apps, e-commerce apps and coupon/contest apps. Those will have to wait for their own posts.

  • SurveyMonkey: Polls and surveys are a great way to learn about your fans and to give them something to do on your page. They’re simple to set up and can yield surprising insights.
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  • RSS Graffiti: Turn your page into a content hub with RSS feeds. This app has the advantage of being able to handle multiple feeds on multiple pages — perfect for administrators juggling more than one page.
  • Contact Me: Facebook wants you to keep all your relationship in one place. But chances are, you’d like your business contacts to be a little more portable. Help Facebook connections get in touch with you with this easily customizable contact information form.
  • NutshellMail: Keeping up with your page activity can be tough — especially when Facebook is constantly rejiggering its notification tools. Take some of the stress and the guesswork out of the problem with this handy app, which sends you a regular e-mail with an activity summary. And it works for Twitter too!
  • Maybe your next top employee is hiding in your fan base. Help them learn about opportunities with your company, link to your external candidates page or even accept applications. This app also lets fans like and share job listings, helping you find the perfect fit for your new opening.
  • Livestream: Want to share a live event on Facebook? Livestream is the way to go. Let’s put it this way — when Facebook announced all those changes at the F8 conference, it used Livestream to share Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote with the world.”
For those of you that use Facebook for customer engagement these tips could come in handy. Any other tips from your side?

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3 Responses to The Six Best Free Facebook Apps For Businesses

  1. bpacana says:

    Great list. I would also add Social Raves for Facebook at It’s also free; premium services are not but cost only $1/day.

  2. Thanks for the hint.

    For the convenience of my readers here some quotes from a review published at

    “There are three components to the Social Raves platform: the Social Raves Facebook app, the Raves page on the Social Raves website, and a metrics dashboard for tracking, managing and growing your raving fan network.

    “Further, business owners can use a free version or a paid version of Social Raves.

    “With the free version, business owners can integrate the app to their Facebook page, which results in a “Recommend This” tab being added on the left sidebar of the page. With the tab, business owners are able to give their fans a highly convenient way to “talk the business up” to family, co-workers, and friends.”

  3. Joseph Ryan says:

    eBusinessCard is something new to look into. It lets companies create and post business cards on their Pages for free. So each executive or each law partner can put his/her business card on a customized Contact tab. Potential clients can download the business cards for future reference. You can also use eBusinessCards as email signature. Extremely easy to use, too. The Facebook app Page is at

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