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Re-use your old smartphone (3 ideas)

If you are like me then you also have a drawer with the several generations of phones that you went through in the last 15–20 years. Of course you should not let them acquire mold but keep their batteries charged … Continue reading

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Internet And Smartphone Addiction

After posting my article on the IT’s Seven Worst Addictions (And How To Cure Them), I came across a posting on coupons.org where they expand on “Online Junkies and Brain Shrinkage: The Rise of Internet Addiction.” For my readers’ convenience I include … Continue reading

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Smart Pill “Phones Home” From the Stomach to Remind You to Take Your Medicine

A smart pill with ‘edible microchip’ tells you and your doctor when the next dose is due: A patch on the skin will pick up a signal once tablet is swallowed and relay this to a smart phone The system … Continue reading

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