Memberships and Sideline Activities

Sideline Activities

2011—2012 Chairman of the Board of Directors (careon Avalis, Basel)
2008—2010 Chairman of the Board of Directors (Avalis Healthcare Systems AG, Zurich)
2001—2012 Spokesperson and member of Business Marketing Expert Group (Liberty Alliance Project) — today Kantara Initiative. Since 2008 “Individual Sponsor” of the Alliance.
2006—2012 Spokesperson (OpenDocument Alliance)
2001—2012 Scientific Advisory Board (Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, SATW). Vice President of the Board since 2005
2005—2009 ICT Commission (SATW, ICT-Comm.)
2003—2009 Curator (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, Erlangen)
1999—2003 Curator (Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation)
2001—2007 Executive Jury Member (European IST Prize, representing Switzerland)
2008—present Jury Member (Swiss ICT Award)
2003—2008 Scientific Advisory Board (Avalis Telemedicine AG, Basel)
2000—2010 Advisory Board (DAI-Lab, Technical University Berlin)
2004—present Advisory Panel (DGRI, German Association for Law and Informatics)
2005—2008 Advisory Board (
2008—2009 Steering Committee eHealth (a+, Swiss Academies of Sciences)
2001—2010 Steering Committee (Global Forum)
1999—2003 Working Group, Digital Divide Initiative (World Economic Forum)
1996—present TechCast Expert Panel (Virtual Think Tank)
1998—present Consulting Expert and Council Member with Gehrson Lehrman Group and Guidepoint Global

Professional Memberships

Business Partnerships

TallyFox Logo

TallyFox provides cloud based collaboration solutions that integrate knowledge, content and project management.



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The Open Invention Network (OIN) helps protect Open Source-friendly companies and projects from patent tension.


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TechCast Global offer a wealth of the most authoritative, carefully organized forecasts on Emerging Technologies, Social Trends, Wild Cards, and other strategic forces likely to unfold over the next decade or two. This work is based on research that pools the collective knowledge of 150 leading experts as well as our consulting for corporations and governments.


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GLG (Gerson Lehrmann Group) is building the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise, so clients in every sector can interact with experts to gain insight.


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Guidepoint Global helps to answer your most pressing business questions by opening unique windows into the minds of the most insightful, experienced, and enlightening experts.