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Re-use your old smartphone (3 ideas)

If you are like me then you also have a drawer with the several generations of phones that you went through in the last 15–20 years. Of course you should not let them acquire mold but keep their batteries charged … Continue reading

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A Mobile Phone Construction Set: The Lego Approach

SmartPlanet today reported on a Lego-type approach taken by Dave Hakkens to build phones from modules that fit together to form a phone and that can be replaced for instance to increase storage or to change the display. Read the full … Continue reading

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’10-Cent Medical Checkup’ Using Cell Phones?

Caltech runs a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program where students work on special projects. As part of a cell phone medicine project, the students have spent their summer developing and fine-tuning prototypes that could someday enable a 10-cent medical checkup for … Continue reading

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Power Walk, Gain a Watt or Two

We knew it all along: Walking is good for you. While walking we turn 20 Watts of power per foot into heat. But now researchers in Wisconsin have found a way to charge batteries with a firm stride. Tom Krupenkin and J. … Continue reading

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