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Doing Well By Doing Good: Re-CAPTCHA at the Cross-Section of Technology, Economics, and Psychology

A colleague of mine at Infosys, Kapil Ashok Jaiswal, posted an article on our company internal blog site. I am thankful that he gave me the permission to re-post his contribution on my blog. He had titled his blog “Killing … Continue reading

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The Periodic Table Of The Social Web

Having studied Chemistry in university for six years, I remember well the Periodic Table of Elements from the lecturs in Inorganic Chemistry. With some amusement I recently came across a new “Periodic Table” of the Social Web: The Periodic Table Of … Continue reading

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Privacy Revisited: A Standard Information Sharing Label

We all are very familiar with nutrition labels on milk bottles and groceries. They disclose to us that water has 0% fat and that the burger you are heating in the microwave contains 70%fat and some interesting chemicals. But when it comes … Continue reading

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Cloud Singing: The Virtual Choir Project

I am reposting this from Simon Phipps‘ blog “Wild Webmink.” He writes in his blog: “Eric Whitacre launched Virtual Choir 3, the composite performance of his choral work “Water Night”, to promote his new album of the same name. Once again, it’s transcendently beautiful.” (Virtual … Continue reading

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Google Drive Arrived: Cloud Storage And Privacy/Security

Cloud Storage is not any longer just for the big guys. This morning when I updated my Android phone a new app was loaded called Google Drive. It explained that it was part of Google Docs and I downloaded it. … Continue reading

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Internet And Smartphone Addiction

After posting my article on the IT’s Seven Worst Addictions (And How To Cure Them), I came across a posting on where they expand on “Online Junkies and Brain Shrinkage: The Rise of Internet Addiction.” For my readers’ convenience I include … Continue reading

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Ten Preventable Social Marketing Mistakes

Terri Seymour ponders about 10 Preventable Social Marketing Mistakes. She writes: Social media have made a profound impact on the way businesses market their products and services. Did you think Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t last when they first came out? Many of … Continue reading

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