Greatest Threats to Cloud Security

Evening Cloud over Podgirica

Evening Cloud over Podgorica, Montenegro (photo taken by the author)

Experts explain greatest threats to cloud security. (NetworkWorld)

The article starts:

Cloud security threats come in all shapes and sizes, so we asked eight experts to weigh in on what they see as the top threat to cloud security. The answers run the gamut, but in all cases, our cloud security panelists believe that these threats can be addressed.

It covers the following issues (written by named expert)

Cloud computing stack

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  1. Application-layer denial of service attacks (Rakesh Shah, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, Arbor Networks)
  2. Loss of confidential data (Guy Helmer, CTO of Palisade Systems)
  3. Managing complexity and risk (John Thielens, Chief Architect, Cloud Services, Axway)
  4. Downtime due to a cloud outage (Peter Glock, Cloud Service Director, Orange Business Services)
  5. Employee ‘personal clouds’ (Simon Crosby, Co-founder and CTO of Bromium)
  6. Lack of visibility (Paul Henry, Security expert and forensic analyst at Lumension)
  7. Changes in governance and operational security (Joe Leonard, Security Practice Manager at Presidio)
  8. Easy access to cloud resources (Tomer Teller, Security researcher and evangelist at Check Point)
  9. Cloud Security Marches On (

It is good to have these issues checked before engaging fully in cloud computing. In my opinion these issues are not in the way of adoption. They will have to be managed appropriately.

I think that in a couple of years the young generation will ask: “So you really operated computers in your office?”

(See my other posts on Cloud Computing.)

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