Professional Experience


5/2018-today Dr. Hellmuth Broda Consulting
Basel, SwitzerlandExecutive Information & Communication Technology Advisor
Working with international organizations, consulting companies, IT companies
2/2016-4/2018 PerkinElmer OneSource

PerkinElmer (Schweiz) AG, Schwerzenbach

OneSource Enterprise Professional Services Leader Europe (11/2016-4/2018)

Organizing and managing the setup of Validation Services, Information Services, and Scientific Services to clients in the Health and Environmental sector as Managed Services in Europe.

OneSource Information Services Leader Europe (2-10/2016)

PerkinElmer OneSource offers a number of Scientific IT Services to help labs optimize their scientific productivity with effective use of Information Technology. These service solutions combine scientific and technical expertise with defined project management and information technology process methodologies, to create predictable and measurable information technology outcomes regardless of instrument technology or manufacturer.Hellmuth leads the OneSource Information Services in Europe with the objective to help companies and institutions to focus on the science and leave the rest of the lab chores to our engineers.

12/2013–2/2016 Dr. Hellmuth Broda Consulting
Basel, SwitzerlandExecutive Information & Communication Technology Advisor
Working with international organizations, consulting companies, IT companies
5/2012–11/2013 Infosys Ltd.
Basel, Switzerland OfficeBusiness Architect
Working 4–8/2013 on the Syngenta Account in a business architect role

  • Coordinated the RfI for Cloud Computing
  • Wrote in close cooperation with the client a point-of-view paper and a business value proposition for Information Management, Data Integration, Data Governance. This will result in a project proposal
  • 9–11/2013: Controls Maturity Assessment (Risk, Compliance) for the Novartis divi­ sions Animal Health and OTC. The 3-months assessment prepared for an eventual audit and measured the actual maturity of the respective IT or­ ganizations regarding security, risk, and compliance

Principal Technology Architect
Working with Life Sciences customers in Switzerland and Europe (5/2012–3/2013)

  • Working with the Retail, Consumer Goods, and Life Sciences Group (RCL)
  • Coordinated a RfP for a medical instrumentation company
  • Focusing on Life Sciences R&D
  • Co-creating new solutions in Life Sciences
  • Trusted Technology Advisor for customers on executive level
1/2009—4/2012 Dr. Hellmuth Broda Consulting
Basel, Switzerland
Executive Information & Communication Technology Advisor
Working with international organizations, consulting companies, IT companies:

First Ondemand Ltd.

VP Business Development
First Ondemand Ltd., Fareham, Hampsire, UK; working remotely from Basel.

First Ondemand builds enterprise-class identity authentication solutions, which are designed to prevent and minimize counterfeiting, theft and fraudulent activities.


  • Present First Ondemand’s solutions to national and international trade and industry associations, at conferences, to press and analysts
  • Grow the business by using the high-level contacts network
  • Contribute to creating a concise messaging for the company


  • Established over 70 new contacts for the company
  • Represented the company at the 2nd Identity Conference in London and at the Global Forum 2008 in Athens
1995—2008  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
2006—2008 Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Global Government Strategy
(Sun Microsystems Inc. Menlo Park, CA; working remotely from the Basel of­fice)Responsibilities:

  • Promote the group’s strategy that enables Sun technology to be used as a social utility
  • Connect Sun to the world’s ultimate service providers – Govern­ments
  • Represent Sun to a wide variety of audiences promoting key Sun positions to ensure leverage of opportunities
  • Member of Sun’s Liberty Staff team and the OpenDocument group


  • Represented Sun to a wide variety of audiences to reinforce key Sun positions (especially in Identity Management, Open Source,Open Systems, Open Standards, OpenDocument, Sustainability)
  • Delivered 60 keynotes and customer presentations to governments and the private sector
  • Represented Sun in the Liberty Alliance Business Marketing Expert Group, in the Public Policy Expert Group and the e-Gov SIG (Spe­cial Interest Group), contributed to privacy work in and recruited many members for the Liberty Alliance
  • Continued to serve as chairperson for the annual European Net-ID conference (since 2005)
2005—2006 European CTO, Strategic Insight Office (Sun Microsystems Inc., Cor­porate Marketing, working from the Basel office)


  • Strategic technology transfer to customers of all indus­tries
  • Keynote speaker at industry conferences
  • Speaker and “storyteller” at the Executive Briefing Center
  • Member of Sun’s Liberty Staff team and the corporate strategy & vision team
  • Active contribution to Liberty Al­liance Business Marketing Expert Group (BMEG)


  • Facilitated several large deals
  • Gave 75 keynotes and customer and partner presentations
  • Contributed content to and appeared as speaker in the internal Sun training video on “Strategic Insights” for the field
  • Contributed my material on identity/trust/privacy to the formal presentations for Liberty Alliance and recruited many members for the Alliance
  • In 2005 recognition through Sun’s “Chairman’s Award for Innova­tion” with the Liberty Alliance team
  • Promoted to Distinguished Marketing Director.
1998—2004 CTO EMEA (Sun Microsystems Inc., Global Sales Organization, working from the Basel office)

Responsibilities:Sales support through strategic technology transfer to customers of all industries, keynote speaker at industry conferences.


  • Translated Sun’s “Vision and Strategy” (V&S) messages for the Eu­ropean market following a request by the EMEA SVP
  • Produced a training DVD on Sun V&S which was distributed to the Sun sales force in EMEA
  • Compiled a team of 16 experienced speakers from 12 different countries, formed the “EMEA Vision Council” and led and managed the council 1999—2005
  • Contributed to and worked with the global vision council (1998—2004)
  • Gave over 200 keynotes and executive presentations
  • Contributed to the use case scenarios and specification work for Federated Identity and recruited many members for the Liberty Al­liance.
1995—1998 Country Technology Manager (Sun Microsystems [Schweiz] AG, Zurich)

Responsibilities:Member of the Country Management Team, Systems Engineering Manager, head of the Competence Center, Sun technology spokesperson and Java evangelist.


  • Introduced Java to Swiss customers, the market and media
  • Evangelized Sun’s vision, strategies, and technologies by delivering over 170 presentations to executive management at seminars, trade shows and conferences
  • Led the system engineers (SE, pre-sales), held the weekly SE meetings
  • Consulted customer management on strategic technology issues
1990—1995  F. Hofmann-La Roche AG
1990—1995 Director, Pharma R&D Information Systems Development (F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Dept. PRIS, Basel)

Responsibilities: Managing application development for preclinical and clinical information systems and biological and chemical databases. Leading a team of 55 developers in Basle and responsible for a team of 33 in Nutley, NJ


  • Re-railing and recovery of a large international database project
  • Introduction and organization of a monthly informatics seminar
  • Organization and Implementation of a “Software Producing Unit Maturity Assessment” (BOOTSTRAP)
  • Introduction of a project-based (flat) organization for the department
  • Co-author of “Roche Pharma Project Management Guidelines”
  • Internationalization of a logistics project for the Galenics Group
  • Introducing IT systems standards in the company
1985—1990 Ciba-Geigy AG [today merged into Novartis (Pharma) and Syngenta (Agro)]
Project Group Leader, Scientific Computing Center (Ciba-Geigy AG, Basle):

Responsibilities: Leading a team of twelve analysts and developers, Coordination of the requirements engineering for AGRO Research


  • Specifications of the detailed user requirements in AGRO Research.
  • Database design for complete research information in AGRO.
  • Contributed to the introduction of standard software (Unix, C, ksh; TEX for document generation; C-WEB for integrated documentation inside the code base)
1975—1985 Scientific Assistant and Lecturer Positions
1984—1985 Scientific Assistant (Konstanz University, Dept. of Biophysics): Research on membrane biophysics (electrophysiology of single ion channels in cell membranes, patch clamp technology) and software development for data analysis
1983—1984 Scientific Assistant (Max Planck Institute for Cellular Biology, Ladenburg/Heidelberg): Research on the biochemical mechanism of the biological circadian clock in Acetabularia mediterranea
1980—1983 Visiting Scholar and Tutor in Biology (Harvard University, Biolabs): Research on the biochemical mechanism of the circadian clock in Gonyaulax polyedra; design and implementation of a computer network for data acquisition and analysis
1978—1980 Scientific Assistant (Max Planck Institute for Cellular Biology, Ladenburg/Heidelberg): Research on the biochemical mechanism of the biological circadian clock in Acetabularia mediterranea; Planning, design, implementation and maintenance of a computer system for data acquisition, monitoring, analysis and visualization of the long-term biological rhythm data from the 60 simultaneous long-term experiments
1975—1978 Student Assistant (Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg/Br.) teaching classes on Computers in Biology, Biophysics, Biology classes for medical students

Education and Training

Company Training
  • Executive training
  • Rhetoric training
  • Presentation training
  • Spokesperson training
  • Sales methodology training
  • Project management
  • Kepner-Tregoe decision methodology
  • Time management
  • Diverse computer skills courses
University Studies
1975—1978 Doctoral study, research work, and dissertation in biophysics, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg/Breisgau (Electrophysiological Studies on the complex eye of Drosophila melanogaster), promoted to Doctor rerum naturalium
1969—1975 Studies in Chemistry and Biology, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg/Breisgau Staatsexamen (Master equivalent) degree. Thesis work on electronic simulation of optomotoric experiments
Military Service
1967—1969 Army engineers, German army
School Education 
1958—1967 Melanchthon-Gymnasium Nürnberg (classical language high school)
1954—1958 Pestalozzi-Schule Nürnberg (grammar school)
German Mother tongue
English Fluent
French Intermediate
Spanish Basic
Italian Basic
Portuguese Basic comprehension