Hackers join McAfee to combat electric vehicle viruses | SmartPlanet


SmartPlanet just published an interesting article that I would like to share with my readers: Hackers join McAfee to combat electric vehicle viruses | SmartPlanet.

Electric vehicles are on Wifi — and in danger. Picture as it appears in the article

Here the first paragraphs of the article:

“A team of hackers working for security company McAfee is one of a small number of firms considering the ways to protect electric vehicles (EVs) from security threats, Reuters reports.

“Automakers may be jumping at the chance to fit cars with a number of gizmos aimed at enticing consumers, including wireless connections and dashboard apps, but as these vehicles use the same wireless technology that mobile devices and personal computers use, they are also vulnerable to the same security flaws.

“The consequences of remote attacks have serious consequences. From theft to eavesdropping on conversations, if a car’s security is compromised, it could also confuse navigation systems and potentially cause accidents.”

Read the full article here.


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