My Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Business

Social Media in the Enterprise

Social Media in the Enterprise (c) by the author

Michel Ruggaber (@miruggaber) pointed me to a useful article discussing Social Media sites for business:
Top 10 Social Networking Sites For Business (Social Networking Marketing Stress Relief)

I don’t necessarily agree with the entire list but do agree with the top five. I am quoting the top five from the article (my remarks in Italics):

(begin quote)

YouTube Logo5. Youtube — If you need to explain a concept, have an entertaining method of attracting business? Then Youtube can definitely help you achieve the success you want. You need to make sure that you consistently post videos to the site. This makes customers coming back and turns them into fans eventually.

WordPress Logo4. WordPress — Yes this is a blog site, but the entire idea is to create a community. I tell my customers that your WordPress blog can be the hub of your social networking efforts when done properly. Also, this is my resource center for clients. When they ask me about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and WordPress I can direct them to the 300 plus posts written on this site. I recommend today to my customers to forget about classic static web pages and go for a blog with some static pages.

Facebook Logo3. Facebook — How do I put this gently. Oh, I know. Facebook is great because there are 600 million people there. They have some nice features, and the company has definitely made some great strides in recent years to improve. Privacy issues remain and one should only put on Facebook what you would tell a room full of strangers. But it might be important for your business to be found in Facebook land.

LikedIn Logo2. LinkedIn — This is the site for professional business social networking. I would add Xing here as well.
These are the prime locations for business.
Xing LogoUnless you tender only to youngsters, I think your company should be on LinkedIn (Anglo-Saxon world primarily) or Xing (European and Asian world).

Twitter Logo1. Twitter — Shocker! I chose Twitter. Twitter delivers tons of traffic to my blog, which as you know from #4 above is the hub of your social networking business, plus it provides a great place to connect with massive amounts of people. I agree with the author here. I had hesitated to use Twitter for a (too?) long time. Only after using it for a while the benefits become clear. If you have a job, don’t try to follow all tweets — you won’t get any more work done. But it is great to spread the word and achieve some viral marketing if you have interesting or cool content. And yes, messages are short and sweet.

(end quote)

In case you are not sure if Social Media is something for your business see my previous blog on the Social Media Revolution or my post on Social Networks — can we live without them?. If you want to read about the history of Social Media then look into the post on The History and Evolution of Social Media. I had discussed previously on Social Media in the Enterprise — Blessing or Curse.

And no — I did not include Pinterest in the list above. Seems to be the hottest new kid on the block. But I still did not understand how one would use these online pinboards for business. Can someone enlighten me?

What is your experience? Which are the Social Sites you count on for business?

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Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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1 Response to My Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Business

  1. Michel Ruggaber says:

    Also started to tweet and fully agree with your comments. It can be very time intensive and one needs to find a kind of discipline on how to use it (I have started to use Evernote to manage posts). But it is agreat source of ideas and hints about lots of topics. Take care about spams and scams…

    Agree also for Linkedin and on a lesser extent to Xing. I don’t see any value (for my business) in You Tube and Facebook.

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