New Security Threat: Infected QR Codes

Security Threat QR Code

This QR Code says: "Go to website" and is harmless. But it could contain dangerous instructions to the phone. Picture from article quoted.

Tod Wasserman recently warned on “Mashable Tech”:

“Be careful the next time you scan a QR code, because it might just cost you money and wreak havoc on your smartphone.

“That’s the warning from Kaspersky Lab, which has noticed the first instance of QR code tampering. The incident took place in Russia last month and hoodwinked consumers who thought they were downloading an Android app called Jimm. The code actually contained malware that sent SMS codes to a premium rate number that charged for each message.”

Read the original post here: New Security Threat: Infected QR Codes.

So — as an extra precaution use your QR Code Reader’s “Edit” or “Display” function before you embark on an adventure with unknown outcome . . .

BTW the QR Codes displayed on my “About” page on this blog only contain my contact data and no 900-Number SMS malware.

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