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e-Jalopy Greenwheel by MTB Cycletech with technology from MIT (Source: MTB Cycletech Website)

e-Jalopy Greenwheel by MTB Cycletech with technology from MIT (Source: MTB Cycletech Website)

Usually I don’t write about products. But today I’ll make an exception: In today’s Spiegel Online was an article on an interesting US-Swiss Cooperation. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) worked with the Swiss company MTB Cycletech. The result of the cooperation is a e-Bicycle called e-Jalopy Greenwheel. 

There are several interesting features on that bicycle:

  • Internet and Social Media integration through a smartphone
  • Sensors integrated in the handlebar for carbon monoxide, respirable dust, and pollen
  • Routing optimized for low traffic, pollution, uphill grade
  • Detection of friends on their bikes in the surrounding
  • Feedback of road condition, pot holes etc. to the city’s highway department
  • Competition with other bikers
  • Information for rider on gasoline and cost saved
  • Hub drive with a hub integrated 36V, 5Ah Lithium-Battery
  • Electric motor inside the hub with 250 W and a torque of 30 Nm

The electro-bicycle will ship in 2012 and the price quoted in the article is EUR 3050.-

Make sure to wear a helmet when accepting friendship requests from nearby riders.

MTB Cycletech

MTB Cycletech Company Logo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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