Clouds Shine Through the Fog: CloudBursting

Cloud computing.

Image by Miran Rijavec via Flickr

This article was recently shared on LinkedInFuture of cloud computing … more clouds. Seriously. | LinkedIn.

It describes Forrester‘s take on the concept of virtual virtual (virtual**2) machines where users can move apps and data easily and freely between cloud service providers (a.k.a. CloudBursting). It also discusses purchase models of such services from brokers.

The lack of standardization is still in the way of the rapid adoption of such models but too early standardization might just be in the way of progress, as Sixto Ortiz Jr. writes in his article “The Problem with Cloud-Computing Standardization” in the July 2011 issue of the IEEE publication Computer.

Is Cloud Computing just getting foggier? Are we already in the middle of the cloud? Can we see the clouds through the fog?

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Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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