Infographic of the Day: Chronology Of Important Tech Inventions

Graphic on Tech Revolution

Infograph from

Although there have been controversial discussions on the usefulness of infographics the one published on from Rackspace Hosting, via Daily Infographic is nicely summarizing how each generation enjoys a technology revolution.

What the graph does not mention though is that fact that the arrival of any new technology is greeted with skepticism, warnings, rejection and that it mostly takes a generation to be accepted.

When gas light was introduced everybody warned about the fatal consequences of a gas leak and an explosion. When the electric light came, people warned from the extreme brightness that will damage the eyes and the danger of electric shocks and advised to stay with gas light. Same story with the advent of fluorescent light and now with LED lights.

Radio waves were seen as similarly damaging. Although most people now accept radio waves from FM and TV stations there is still wide spread fear of high frequency radio waves as used for mobile telephony. Just recently I read an article on intelligent meters and the problems with their introduction since they use mobile data connections to call home to the utility.

‘Nuff said. Enjoy the infographic — click on the picture to retrieve it in a readable size.

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Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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