I finally made up my mind . . .

Hellmuth Broda


. . . to start my own blog. Whenever I read articles on the web or in trade magazines I think I should really tell George, Lisa, or Peter about this. Or that it would be worthwhile for several of my friends or colleagues to hear about this. But then as the day goes on I have to follow-up on other things and often don’t get around to write this email.

Additionally, there is an interesting rule in cyberspace: Whenever you write an email with some enclosure to several people, email is the wrong medium. Following this I decided today (after reading several interesting articles–it is a Sunday) to start my blog and make my findings (and rantings) known to my friends and followers.

This blog will usually be on interesting stuff I found on the boundary between business and technology; what I see as novel developments and what could be beneficial for most of us.

Are you writing a blog yourself? Any advice on things to do, to avoid?

About Hellmuth Broda

Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology. http://www.hellmuthbroda.com
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