Cloud Computing: From Designer Clothes To Prêt-à-Porter

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Today I read the June issue of the “Informatik Spektrum” (Organ of the German Informatics Society). It has a contribution by Prof. Gunter Dueck titled “Cloudwirbel” (cloud vortex). Gunter Dueck regularly publishes a column in this periodical under the header “DUECK-ß-INSIDE, many with a good sense of humor. Here a few of his thoughts on the future of cloud computing:

  • Cloud Computing is growing extremely fast but the press is repeating the argument that it is only a hype and that it is not secure
  • The textile industry adapted to the fact that washing machines will wash with 30˚, 60˚, 90˚C (in Fahrenheit this reads cold, warm, hot) and produces fabrics accordingly
  • Industry around the car provided an opportunity for companies like Carglass, Pit-Stop etc. They pick the easy tasks from car maintenance (batteries, tires, exhaust, brake shoes, windows), offer these for a very competitive price and leave the complex stuff to the other garages
  • We are observing similar trends in the medical field where semi-automatized labs perform immunizations, blood tests, dental checkups at low-cost
  • IT has this kind of revolution still ahead of itself. IT professionals will fight this development since it will cost some of their jobs
  • Industrialization will come to IT. Services will come with price tags. CFO’s will look at public clouds and ask why the own IT is so much more expensive
  • Pay-per-use will allow to rent an application for one-time usage at a fraction of cost
  • The cultural shock: IT will turn into a self-service store or mall offering apps with price tags
He finishes the article by quoting himself at a recent podium discussion: “Make up your mind and invest the extraordinary amount of EUR 10.- to order a full computer in a cloud and try it out. Make contact with this ‘extraterrestrial,’ feel how secure or insecure it feels once your data are up there. Feels similar to e-Banking? Stop with the Angst! Be prepared.”

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