Gravity-Powered LED Lamp Revolutionizes Self-Sufficient Lighting

How a  gravity-powered LED could revolutionize cheap lighting | SmartPlanet

For approximately US$ 5.– GravityLight allows to shed light into any dwelling. Picture from the article

This is a very interesting new development. Since the arrival of affordable LEDs and their increasingly better efficiency and light quality new mechanisms can be used to power these new lights in any dwelling.

British designers Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves of GravityLight use just this–gravity with a sand filled bag or other wights to power the lamp. The lamp also serves as a power station to power radios or other low-wattage devices.

See for yourself and watch the video at SmartPlanet: How a $5 gravity-powered LED could revolutionize cheap lighting | SmartPlanet.

About Hellmuth Broda

Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology.
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