Gartner: Difficult Times For the CIO

Gene Hall

Gene Hall as pictured on reported on the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011 in Orlando:

Gartners CEO Gene Hall warned the CIO’s of the four winds that blow at the CIO simultaneously. CIO’s will have to bundle up to weather the coming storm.

The four winds Hall talked about are four new disruptive technologies, which will change profoundly the IT landscape and the life of CIO’s. These are:

  1. Social Media — with 1.8 bio users (20% of world population) it is out of its infancy. High time that CIO’s look into integrating this into their enterprise IT infrastructure
  2. Mobility — the explosive dissemination of iPhones, iPads, Android devices sends a clear signal. “Bring your own device” is becoming rather the rule than the exception. Customers and partners will access your systems more and more on these mobile devices. The development of apps for the mobile devices will be a factor of four above the development for desktop systems
  3. Cloud Computing — not yet mainstream but with the mega players starting their offerings as cloud services this technology will prevail. Cloud computing is the industrialisation of IT.
  4. New Analytics — the data warehouse is dead, long live the diverse content management systems with their searchability.
The analysts foresee that
Disruptive Technology Graph

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  • Existing infrastructures will become obsolete
  • IT management cannot be risk-averse any longer, they will have to accept limited risks
  • New applications will be necessary to fulfil the requirement of real-time demands

Gartner: Schwere Zeiten für den CIO |

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