Ultrasound Can Read Your Mind

Ultrasound for Mind Reading

HEARING THOUGHTS: University of Toronto graduate student Sarah Power models ultrasound headgear that could see the difference between two brain tasks. (Photo: Pierre Duez)

Ultrasound is good for more than monitoring fetuses and identifying heart defects. According to engineers in Canada, it can help tell what people are thinking as well.

“Their research suggests that ultrasound-based devices could lead to a new kind of brain-computer interface.” (Quote from: Ultrasound for Mind Reading – IEEE Spectrum).

This is an interesting new route to get closer to the information processing that is happening in our brain.

So far most experiments focused on electrical brain activity measurements. And the results have been promising. But this new approach opens many more possibilities (and involves fewer cables).

Who knows how long we will still be using keyboards and mice. We might be able to page through an article on the iPad with the mere touch of a thought.

Listen carefully to the high-pitch noise from the person next to you. Maybe he is ordering a pizza online by just imagining the crunchy crust and the succulent toppings.

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