A 508 Year Old Painting Brought To Life

Art and Technology combined can lead to beautiful results. Here an installation by Mat Collishaw where he animates the 1503 painting of Albrecht Dürer, “Das große Rasenstück” (Great Piece of Turf) in a LCD/PC installation called “Whispering Weeds” and brings the painting to life by having the stalks move in the wind.

I think this is a beautiful example of bringing art and technology together. I always liked Dürer’s painting and own a reproduction of it. The “video” taken with a smartphone (HTC Desire HD) at the Art|42|Basel (2011) in the exhibition Art Unlimited  plays as an endless loop and leaves a very serene impression. The sound is not part of the video and was added by me.

About Hellmuth Broda

Independent Information and Communications Technology Strategist with an interest in the construction sites between business, society and technology. http://www.hellmuthbroda.com
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